Marriage has a perfect batting average when it comes to state marriage amendments that provide the opportunity for citizens to have the ability to affirm marriage between a husband and wife.

The citizens of North Carolina once again affirmed marriage and became the 31st state to approve a state constitutional amendment defining marriage to be between one man and one woman. 100% of states that have provided this opportunity to its citizens to decide the public policy on marriage have said they believe marriage is between a man and a woman.

From states like California and Oregon and even Maine – where voters there overturned a proposed law for same-sex marriage – the majority of Americans continue to show support for marriage being defined between husband and wife.

Tami Fitzgerald, Chairwoman of Vote FOR Marriage NC says, “The Marriage Protection Amendment ensures that it will always be the people of our state who determine what marriage is in North Carolina, not an activist judge or future politicians. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the thousands of supporters who rallied behind protecting marriage in our state. Our victory tonight could not have been possible without their tireless support.”

In this year’s November elections, the citizens of Minnesota will look to become the 32nd state to affirm a marriage amendment at the ballot. Maryland citizens are also tirelessly working to place on their ballot an initiative that, if passed, would prevent their recent legislative action of redefining marriage for their state.

The question that continues to remain unanswered: where is Pennsylvania in protecting marriage? PA is one of 10 states with a statute defining marriage between one man and one woman. However, that’s not enough as we’ve seen states with those statutes being overruled by judicial activism or legislative action.

A marriage amendment is long overdue for Pennsylvania citizens and as proven by the majority of America, Pennsylvania wants to protect marriage. Currently an amendment remains in the House State Government committee but has yet to be voted on. We need citizens to contact their State Senator and State Representative and encourage them to support a Marriage Protection Amendment for our state.

The most fundamental right we have as citizens is the right to vote. The people of Pennsylvania should have the right to vote on this public policy issue and not have that right hijacked by a small group of activists or by a court judge.

Baseball isn’t America’s only pastime. Marriage is the bedrock of our society – of any society – and something we must continually promote as the institution to best care for adults and the next generation. The citizens of Pennsylvania and this great country continue to believe in that as well.