“Don’t let this be the ONLY pro-life thing you do this year!” was the charge to more than 600 banquet attendees in Harrisburg by Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood director, now pro-life advocate.

It was the closing point of a stirring speech to benefit the Morningstar Pregnancy Services that serves the capital region with alternatives to abortion, including STD testing and performance of ultrasound.

Hats off to the army of compassionate volunteers (including my daughter who faithfully serves as a counselor), the board and the staff – Diane Myers and new executive director Bryce McMinn!

It’s at pregnancy centers like this one all across Pennsylvania that show the real value of ultrasound. It’s where pregnant women, often teenagers or twenty-somethings, get ALL the information regarding their pregnancy, their developing baby and abortion – BEFORE they make an irreversible decision. And that’s what scares the Planned Parenthood/abortion crowd. In contrast, abortion clinics routinely do ultrasounds but keep those images from women, presumably for fear they might choose against abortion.
That’s why Pennsylvania needs to pass a bill like House Bill 1077, currently stalled in the state House. Why not call or E-mail your own state representative and state senator today in support of HB 1077? Tell them women deserve the Right to Know.

Remember, “don’t let this be the only prolife thing you do all year”!