Pennsylvania Family Institute along with Pennsylvania For Marriage and other organizations are encouraging you to take time to pray specifically for the protection of marriage on Sunday February 26th.

A federal lawsuit from California (the ‘Prop. 8’ case) threatens to destroy the future of marriage, crush your religious freedom – and radically change the world in which your children or grandchildren will be raised.

But the threat is even closer to home. There is a federal lawsuit right here in Pennsylvania challenging the state and federal Defense of Marriage Acts. Attorneys for a woman who was “married” to her same-sex partner in Canada have petitioned the court to declare Pennsylvania’s marriage law to be unconstitutional. It is a case not unlike this one that led the high court in the state of Iowa to legalize same-sex marriage there in 2009.

Much is at stake – for Pennsylvania and for the country – but much can still be done if We, the People take action and stand firm for marriage, for families, and for our nation.

Will you commit to take action by joining PFI – and thousands of others across America – on Sunday, February 26th to pray for the future of marriage and families?

We’re encouraging you to sign-up for a specific time-slot(s) to help us be in prayer throughout the entire day on Feb 26. To sign-up, go to

For a specific prayer request list, click here.

To download a bulletin insert or 1-page prayer request list, click here.