The pro-life movement has been warning people about this day for years. The day when abortion would simply become a tool to pick and choose the child of your choice. I don’t think there is ever a reason to abort, but our society has become okay with these reasons:

Not the right timing for a child? Abort.
Not enough money for a child? Abort.
Don’t want to deal with a child with special needs? Abort.

And now:
Don’t like the gender of your child? Abort.

A couple in Australia aborted twin boys because they really wanted a girl. And everyone seems shocked that parents could be capable of that thinking. Really? I’m surprised it hasn’t come sooner. Sad, but true. I wish it wasn’t so.

However, I’m glad that there’s still outrage from society. And the tide of opinion on abortion is continuously becoming more pro-life in the US. Let’s pray that society becomes more outraged about abortion, for any reason. And see more lives saved.