Ok, so a parent or two in a local school district demand that it stop teaching abstinence only sex education, and require teaching of “comprehensive” sex ed. They claim that teaching young people that abstinence is the best way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy is wrong, and archaic.
And groups like Planned Parenthood (that make money on abortions for pregnant teens) are there to back this handful of parents, and scare school districts into submission. They even try to ban abstinence teaching outright through state mandates.
It’s all happening right now in the Downingtown school district (Chester County) where a few agitated parents are trying to have the abstinence education program by the Amnion Center thrown out. They may succeed… if more sensible parents don’t speak up. Here’s a local news story about it. http://bit.ly/gTmB3y
I am quite sure that if most parents only knew the perverse, explicit way “comprehensive” sex education is taught — they would toss it and the people who brought it out on their ear.

Mom & Dad — it’s time you take a look at what they’re teaching in your local schools. If it’s not abstinence — you should be concerned… very concerned.