From attorney Randall Wenger:

I just received a call today about a public high school student who was told he could not sing a song in school simply because it was a Christian song. ‘Tis the Season, I suppose. Many of our public schools are bent on censoring anything religious out of our culture, and it only seems to get worse this time of year. We want to celebrate the “holidays” but refuse to acknowledge the deeply religious underpinnings of this Christmas season.


The Independence Law Center, the Pennsylvania Family Institute’s pro bono law center, stands ready to protect your child’s religious expression this season. Like I told the caller earlier today, there have been plenty of court cases upholding the right of our children to be free from religious censorship in the public schools. Just as I believe that case can be quickly worked out, many of the issues your child faces can be worked out in a friendly manner once the school better understands the Constitution.


If your child is facing religious censorship or have another situation involving religious liberties, life, or traditional values—or if you can partner with us through financial support—please visit us at or call Randall Wenger at 717 657 4990.