Former Lancaster County Commissioner Jim Huber passed away at age 75 yesterday. I served with him in leadership of Lancaster United for Life (and on other projects as well). Below is a letter I submitted to the Lancaster New Era newspaper:

To The Editor:

I count it a privilege to have known and worked alongside Jim Huber, whose passing this week saddens me. He will be greatly missed.

Among his many accomplishments and great service to the community, Jim Huber was instrumental in the successful fight to keep an abortion clinic from opening in his beloved county. Jim joined that battle instantly when Planned Parenthood announced its intentions to do abortions in Lancaster, and served as a key leader with Lancaster United For Life, a volunteer group that formed to stop the abortion clinic. Few people know the tireless hours he spent researching, meeting with residents near the clinic site, and galvanizing community support for the sanctity of life. Many said it could not be done, but Jim always remained hopeful and vigilant, and his efforts paid off – for all of us.

Much more could be written about his selfless service – in business, in his church, and as a public official. Now as he enters his rest, I am confident he will hear the words, “well done, good and faithful servant.”

Michael Geer