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Good News for Protecting Life and the Disabled

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The Independence Law Center just received good news in a case involving David Hockenberry, a mentally retarded man whose guardians sought court approval to refuse life-preserving medical treatment. Mr. Hockenberry is not permanently unconscious or suffering from any terminal disease. … Read more

Remembering Jim Huber

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Former Lancaster County Commissioner Jim Huber passed away at age 75 yesterday. I served with him in leadership of Lancaster United for Life (and on other projects as well). Below is a letter I submitted to the Lancaster New Era … Read more

When is a leg not a leg? When it’s not.

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We bring you a must-read article from Professor Stephen J. Heany on the fallacy of “same-sex marriage.” Abraham Lincoln once asked how many legs a dog has if we call a tail a leg. The answer, he said, is … Read more

Dr. Wayne Grudem Coming to Pittsburgh

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Navigating the Cultural Storm: A Conference especially for Pastors and Church leaders Dr. Wayne Grudem speaking in Pittsburgh area September 9.

Internationally renowned theologian and author of Systematic Theology, Dr. Wayne Grudem, is teaming up with Pennsylvania Family Institute and … Read more

Central Institution of Society Takes a Direct Hit

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From Dr. Albert Mohler on the overturning of Proposition 8:

“Thousands of cases make their way through the Federal courts each year. Some are important, but only a few have lasting legal significance. Whatever happens on appeal, the decision … Read more

Marriage and Democracy – Victims of Judge’s Decision in California Case

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August 5, 2010 For Immediate Release

Marriage and Democracy Both Victims of Federal Judge’s Decision in California Case

Harrisburg, Pa. In a stunning act of judicial activism at its worst, U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker struck down as unconstitutional California’s … Read more

“It is not bigotry, it is biology.”

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Bishop Harry Jackson, prominent African-American leader, Senior Pastor of Hope Christian Church and Chairman of Stand for Marriage DC Coalition says this about the court ruling overturning Proposition 8 in California:

“The implicit comparison Judge Walker made between racism and … Read more

Individual Tickets Available for Aug 27 Banquet with Gov Sarah Palin

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Sarah Palin is coming to Hershey!

You’re invited to Pennsylvania Family Institute’s Friends of the Family Banquet Featuring Keynote Speaker Governor Sarah Palin

Individual Tickets Now Available $200 each (value of tax deduction: $150)

For more information or to reserve … Read more