Navigating the Cultural Storm:
A Conference especially for Pastors and Church leaders

Dr. Wayne Grudem speaking in Pittsburgh area September 9.

Internationally renowned theologian and author of Systematic Theology, Dr. Wayne Grudem, is teaming up with Pennsylvania Family Institute and the Independence Law Center for a half-day conference in Pittsburgh focused on Dr. Grudem’s new groundbreaking book, Politics According to the Gospel.

We especially wish to invite Pastors and Church Leaders, who may attend without charge. We will discuss current issues confronting religious liberties and the local church. There will also be the opportunity to participate in a Question & Answer time with Dr. Grudem.  Breakfast is included.

Dr. Wayne Grudem is a professor of Theology at Phoenix Seminary in Phoenix, Arizona.  He holds degrees from Harvard, Westminster Seminary and Cambridge.  He is the author of 20 books including his bestselling Systematic Theology.

Dr. Grudem’s latest book, Politics According to the Bible, is a must-read resource to help Christians better understand the complexities of modern politics from a Biblical worldview.

Also speaking are:

Michael Geer, president of Pennsylvania Family Institute, and
Randall Wenger, Esq. chief counsel for the Independence Law Center,

  • Who will show you how to protect your congregation from the coming threats to religious liberty;
  • How your church can stay the course while standing up to make difference in the midst of the cultural storm.

This conference is also open to the public, with a registration fee of $10.
Register online or call 717-545-0600.


Thursday, September 9

8:00am – 12:00 noon
Christ Church at Grove Farm

Sewickley, PA  (Pittsburgh suburb)

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Along with complimentary admission for Pastors & Church Leaders, we are also making Dr. Grudem’s new book available for purchase at a special discounted price only for this event!
Register online or contact Dan at 717-545-0600.