I’m in this morning after a great event last night in Drexel Hill, outside of Philadelphia. It was our “Arkansas Barbecue with Gov. Mike Huckabee: Funding the Fight for Life, Liberty and Family.” I saw a lot of longtime supporters of the Pennsylvania Family Institute, and met many new friends who were hearing about our pro-family work for the first time.

The Drexelbrook was great, the food was awesome (especially the Hatfield pulled-pork barbecue and the corn casserole made from Janet Huckabee’s recipe), and Gov. Huckabee’s speech was hopeful and inspiring.

My favorite part, though, was getting to play music with the Governor (a great bass player), two top-notch electric guitar players (Brandon Kisner and Grant Durrell), and the excellent, versatile drummer, George Mobarak. The crowds top favorites seemed to be Bill Wither’s hit, Ain’t no Sunshine, and Chuck Berry’s Johnny B. Goode.

Thanks to all who came. We’ll be posting some video and pictures soon.

Join us May 13 for our Pittsburgh Friends of the Family Banquet, with keynote speaker Gary Bauer.