The headline comes from Pure Freedom’s Dannah Gresh — an excellent organization that’s addressing one of the big problems in our culture — the promotion of sexuality at younger and younger ages. Here’s a portion of Dannah’s post, a link to the entire email, and a link to her website.

According to a recent survey, thirty percent of eleven-year-old girls say they have a boyfriend. That’s a high risk considering that one of the top five factors that place a teen girl at risk of sexual activity is “being in a dating relationship six months or longer.” How long will it be until these sweet innocent eleven-year-olds who already have boyfriends at a young age are in extended relationships? While you can’t control crushes, it seems like encouraging it and not trying to derail the boy-crazy train is nothing short of placing them on a conveyor belt toward sexual activity. Moms, it’s not only OK but really smart to pull your daughter off the boy-crazy train.

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