Today, the day after Labor Day, marks the exact 20th anniversary of the day Pennsylvania Family Institute opened its doors for business. It was two decades ago that I walked into our first office on opening day – 12 by 12 room a few blocks from the Capitol – and sat down to begin our pro-family work.

Over those twenty years we’ve grown a lot in size and influence. We’ve seen many ups, and a few downs, and an unrelenting aggressiveness by our ideological opponents — those who promote abortion, want to redefine marriage and the family, and diminish the influence of faith and traditional values in society.

That’s why I’m confident that Pennsylvania Family Institute was created for such a time as this – to stand for the founding principles of our nation, and for the sanctity of life and marriage, in a time and place when it’s desperately needed.

Today, we’ve grown to become one of the top Family Policy Councils in the nation, and that’s thanks to you – the people who support and pray for our work. And it’s thanks to our Board of Directors and staff, who have kept us on the “straight and narrow,” working with integrity, and focusing on the issues and trends that are core to our mission and for which our donors provide support. And it’s thanks to God, to whom we owe our very lives and sustenance.

Thank you to our past supporters, and for what I hope will be your continued generous partnership with Pennsylvania Family Institute in the coming days and years. Your tax-deductible contributions are welcomed and appreciated as we embark on our third decade of service to Pennsylvania families.

Happy Anniversary!