This year marks the 20th anniversary of Pennsylvania Family Institute. We are currently preparing a special commemorative issue of our Pennsylvania Families Magazine. You don’t want to miss this issue!

As we consider including advertisements in this issue to cover our costs, we checked with the US Postal Service to find out if there were any restrictions in regards to sending the magazine at the non-profit standard mail rate. Wow. There are restrictions. And they make no sense, not even to the postal employees.

We cannot feature advertisements for “financial instruments, travel arrangements, or insurance.” Financial instruments include credit cards, which means we can’t even include the names of the credit cards on our donation form (where you check off Visa, Mastercard or Discover). We could place an ad from an insurance agent, but it would have to be his individual name and not include the name of the company he represents.

When we asked the post office why they had such specific, and odd, restrictions, they said to ask Congress. There is either someone they’re punishing, or someone who’s profiting from these regulations.

Just think if the government ran our healthcare:

“Yes sir, you can have one tonsil removed, but not two within three years, unless you’re between the ages of 6-12 and you live in the Midwest.” Why the Midwest? Well, that includes Chicago, and that’s where the President’s family lives.

Oh boy…I can’t wait.