Sometimes we may feel that businesses have authority over us.  We are not always sure that we have the power to make a difference.  However, this is not true.  When it comes to sexually oriented businesses or adult businesses, community members do have a say.  Community members can play a huge part in the zoning ordinance and/or licenses of sexually oriented businesses.  If the business is not already “zoned in” or granted permission, members have the opportunity to direct the placement of the business.  Although if it is already established, this does not mean the fight is over.  As citizens we are able to place certain restrictions on these businesses, such as the hours of business or type of lighting within the club.  Therefore it’s time to become pro-active and stand for the morals we believe in.  Whether you have a sexually oriented business in your community or know of one in another community, educate yourself on the power you have in your local government and help to spread the word.

You can contact the Independence Law Center (affiliated with the Pennsylvania Family Institute)
Or read more here on the specifics of Protecting Your Community