White House Hosts Homosexual Leaders Peter Smith, LifeSiteNews (29 June, 2009) -Do you know that just a couple of months ago President Obama declined participating in the National Day of Prayer?  Did you also know that yesterday he held a celebration for homosexual activists to recognize the birthplace of the homosexual movement?  It scares me that there does not seem to be a lot said about these decisions, these principals our President upholds.  Why?

Did you know that our President “promptly issued a presidential memorandum extending some benefits to unmarried partners of federal employees” when the gay activists expressed their outrage over Proposition 8?  Is this the type of decisions we want our President making…that when pressure rises from a certain group he serves them?

In some cases, the group applying the most pressure should recieve recognition and assistance, however this decision should be made according to one’s principals and foundational beliefs (not according to the group).  If we do not judge everything is our lives by Truth, then who is to judge?  We need Truth.  By Truth, we make our decisions, firm decisions.  By Truth, we decide that prayer and God must always be recognized.