The governor’s proposed budget contains at least three lessons on how NOT to make a family household budget:

1. Do not plan to spend more than you have.

2. Do not steal from your neighbors repeatedly over the next year so that YOU can spend more than you have.

3. Do not engage in nos. 1 & 2 above, then tell your neighbors that it’s good for them by calling it “Protecting Progress” (Gov. Rendell’s words).


“Gov. Rendell should be honest with the people of Pennsylvania with his proposed increases in government spending,” said Matthew Brouillette of The Commonwealth Foundation. “Under his proposal, total state spending would increase 5.7%, or $2.34 billion, this year alone. In addition, Gov. Rendell wants to borrow another $3.3 billion that future generations will be forced to pay back.” See The Commonwealth Foundation.

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