My daughter Rebekah and I had toe warmers… thankfully… as we participated in the 35th annual March for Life. It was cold, damp, and at times a freezing rain threatened with a few sprinkles.

We drove down to Washington Monday night so we could attend the Tuesday White House pro-life breakfast (see blog post below), but then we met up with the bus from Rebekah’s school, Covenant Christian Academy, which brought a number of upperclassmen and teachers to the March.

The sheer number of young people participating in the March was a highlight… and something that both speakers and news reporters took note of. Here’s a dispatch from Brett Lieberman of the Harrisburg Patriot News, entitled “Youth Swell Ranks of Abortion Foes” :

Youth Swell Ranks of Abortion Foes — Patriot News

Let me turn Brett Lieberman’s question on you: Why are more young people involved in the pro-life cause today?

Patriot News Reporter Interviews Covenant Christian Academy Student Gabe Mason

Patriot News Reporter Brett Lieberman interviews Covenant Christian Academy Student Gabe Mason.