When a politician tells you that ministries are not in jeopardy with SOGI laws, they’re wrong.


Senate Bill 613 & House Bill 1410 are bills in the Pennsylvania legislature that would add special classifications for sexual orientation and gender identity or expression (SOGI) to state anti-discrimination laws. Laws just like these were used to shut down Christian charitable ministries because they refused to violate their religious doctrine about human sexuality. Under these laws, ministries would either be forced by the state to comply or else, face loss of contracts, or criminal prosecution, including fines and prison time.

Facts & Sources:

  • The opioid crisis is overwhelming the foster care system in Philadelphia and across Pennsylvania– creating a flood of children in need of care, and a desperate shortage of foster parents to take in children. With record heroin and other opioid addiction, abuse and overdoses, more and more parents are unable to care for their children, creating a wave of need that is inundating the foster care agencies. View source
  • Philadelphia targeted two Christian foster care and adoption agencies – Bethany Christian Services and Catholic Charities… because of a single complaint that those ministries, based on their Christian faith, choose to prioritize placing children into diverse families, so the child can have both a mother and a father. Their punishment: their foster care contracts with the city were cancelled, and they may face criminal prosecution, under the law, including fines and prison time. View source
  • The City of Philadelphia’s decision against these ministries is typical of what happens in cities and states where sexual orientation and gender identity and expression are given special class protections. (View examples in other states: Catholic Charities in Illinois and Massachusetts)

Take action:

Use PA Family Council’s Citizen Action Center to tell your State Senator & State Representative to oppose Senate Bill 613 & House Bill 1410. Click here to take action.