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Do You Know Who You’re Voting For on November 3?

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Download the Judicial Voters’ Guide!

Why should I care?

Voters will be choosing the judges on your own county’s Court of Common Pleas — who decide cases every day that affect … Read more

Why vote? Here are words of wisdom from the 30th POTUS

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“Every voter ought not merely to vote, but to vote under the inspiration of a high purpose to serve the nation. It has been calculated that in most elections only about half of them entitled to vote actually exercise their … Read more

New year, new elections, even in good old Pennsylvania

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Do the good folks of Des Moines or Dubuque (Iowa) or Manchester (N.H.) really decide for us who will be our next president? That’s what you’re likely to think if you get caught up in the over-hyped 24/7 news coverage. … Read more