Family Update

Family Update is a one-minute daily radio commentary by Pennsylvania Family Institute President Michael Geer on current public policy and cultural issues in Pennsylvania. Each edition of Family Update gives listeners a brief, concise message, along with suggested action or helpful resources available by calling Pennsylvania Family Institute’s toll-free radio hotline.

  • WAVL-910AM, Apollo, Saturdays 11:15am
  • WAWN, Franklin
  • WBYN-107.5FM Boyertown
  • WDAC-94.5FM Lancaster
  • WFIL-560AM, Philadelphia
  • WFYL-1180AM, King of Prussia/Philadelphia
  • WHJB-1600AM, Bedford, daily 7:45am
  • WHOL-1600AM, Allentown, Saturdays, 7:45am
  • WORD-101.5AM, Pittsburgh
  • WVCH-740AM, Phil. Brookhaven, Saturdays, 10:15am
  • WZZD-990AM, Philadelphia