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“Many women now seek or are encouraged to undergo abortions without full knowledge of the development of the unborn child or of alternatives to abortion.”

– PA Abortion Control Act, signed into law on November 18, 1989 (emphasis added)

Babies born premature at 24 weeks and earlier are surviving and thriving at record rates. So why do states like Pennsylvania continue to permit abortion at the same stage in pregnancy?

It’s time we shed light on archaic abortion laws and why modern medical advancements give reason for making much-needed policy improvements.

Episode 2: Patrick Bouvier Kennedy


“The death of the presidential baby a half a century ago today was a critical event, according to historians, one that sparked medical advances that did for the survival of preemies what Sputnik did for the space race.” ABC News story: JFK Baby Death in 1963 Sparked Medical Race to Save Preemies

Help update Pennsylvania’s outdated abortion laws:

Episode 1: This is Lydia


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Help update Pennsylvania’s outdated abortion laws: