Will you pray for the Boyertown Six?

Alexis Lightcap, one of the six students involved in the student privacy lawsuit.

In a case of great importance to students and families nationwide, six courageous students from the Boyertown Area School District (Boyertown, PA), including Alexis Lightcap, sued their school over an unwritten and unannounced policy that invades the bodily privacy rights that all students have under the U.S. Constitution and federal and state law to use bathrooms and locker rooms without members of the opposite sex present.

They have asked the United States Supreme Court to hear their case – Doe v Boyertown Area School District. If student privacy is to be protected, we need the Supreme Court to decide to take the case. Please join us in praying that the Supreme Court hears the case and protects students nationwide.

Yes, I commit to pray!