Sign the open letter to Governor Wolf: Stop elective abortions during COVID-19 pandemic

On March 26, 2020, Governor Tom Wolf sounded an alarm to all Pennsylvanians regarding the COVID-19 pandemic: “We know our hospitals will face capacity issues. We need more beds. We need more ventilators. More personal protective equipment. And so much more. And we need it as soon as possible because the virus is here.” 

So why is Governor Wolf allowing Planned Parenthood to perform elective abortions? In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Wolf prohibited all health providers from performing elective procedures. “We’re asking hospitals not to engage in elective surgeries, elective treatments,” says Gov. Wolf.  Yet abortion is being given a free pass. Right now, not only is Planned Parenthood bringing patients in for elective abortions, risking the further spread of COVID-19 and further strain on our health care system, but they are actively recruiting private donations of personal protective equipment to perform those elective abortions – the very equipment our hospitals desperately need.

This is unacceptable. This worldwide pandemic demands we dismiss political agendas. As Governor Wolf has said, “we need to do everything we can to support our front-line medical workers.” That should mean abortion shouldn’t get special treatment as we halt all elective procedures.

Please join Pennsylvania Family Institute in signing this open letter to Governor Wolf asking to stop all elective abortions in Pennsylvania so we can best prepare for the COVID-19 pandemic here in our communities.

Here’s the open letter to Governor Wolf and Secretary Levine:

March 27, 2020

The Honorable Tom Wolf
Governor of Pennsylvania
508 Main Capitol Building
Harrisburg, PA 17120

Dr. Rachel Levine, Pennsylvania Secretary of Health
Pennsylvania Department of Health
Health and Welfare Building, 8th Floor West
625 Forster Street
Harrisburg, PA 17120

Dear Governor Wolf and Secretary Levine,

Citizens across Pennsylvania are requesting that you follow the example of neighboring states like Ohio and Maryland and halt elective abortions during this COVID-19 pandemic, consistent with your directive to hospitals and other surgical facilities.

In the list of “life-sustaining businesses” you have ordered that elective procedures at all health care providers are prohibited. However, the office of the Governor has subsequently told Pennsylvania citizens that abortion is a “life-saving service” and abortion clinics are permitted to remain open for elective abortions.

If we are concerned with stopping the spread of the coronavirus, the prohibition of elective surgical procedures should not come with exemptions. Mammogram centers are shutting down. Important surgical procedures are being postponed. Abortion is an elective procedure that should not be permitted at the peak of the coronavirus crisis.

There are doctors imploring that we halt elective surgeries not only to free up needed supplies and equipment but also to reduce the risk that patients could be exposed to the virus. Yet not only are abortion facilities like Planned Parenthood bringing in patients for elective abortions, risking further exposure and draining key medical supplies, but Planned Parenthood is actively requesting private donations of masks and surgical supplies to perform their elective abortion procedures, further misappropriating critical items in the fight against COVID-19.

With abortions there is always the risk that some women will have complications from the procedure that will need emergency hospital care, which will only further drain our overstretched health care system.

That is why we urge you to immediately prohibit all elective abortions, consistent with other elective surgical procedures, in order to safeguard the health and welfare of citizens in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania during this COVID-19 pandemic.   


Michael Geer
President, Pennsylvania Family Institute

Click here to sign the open letter to Governor Wolf.

Thank you for signing this open letter. Please pray for Governor Wolf and all of our elected officials who are working tirelessly for our health and welfare.