Live @ Lunch with PA Family Institute

Find out the latest on issues impacting your family during Live @ Lunch with Pennsylvania Family Institute. Recorded live at 12pm, these sessions offer direct insight from our staff and/or special guests, all while you can watch either live over your lunch break or after recording.

Religious Freedom and the Supreme Court (12/7/17)

Randall Wenger (Chief Counsel, PA Family Institute) was inside the court building and Michael Geer (President, PA Family Institute) outside as the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the Masterpiece Cake Shop case. Both discuss their experience and insight from the day.


Casino Gambling Expansion (11/13/17)

A conversation with Michael Geer (President, PA Family Institute) and Tom Shaheen (Vice President for Policy, PA Family Institute) on time-sensitive issues like stopping a casino from being built in your community plus a special announcement for our friends. (11/13/17)


Battle in Boyertown (11/15/17)

Hear the latest in the student privacy lawsuit involving a Pennsylvania school district – especially what just took place in this critical case. Randall Wenger, Chief Counsel for the Independence Law Center, is our featured guest.


The State of Religious Liberty (11/21/17)

Chief Counsel Randy Wenger and Senior Attorney Jeremy Samek talking about religious liberty and how it impacts churches and religious schools in Pennsylvania [starts at the 1-minute mark].

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