June 25 – Grace Fellowship: Freedom in the Balance

Freedom Tour 2016

It is concerning that businesses like Target and Hersheypark would allow men to use women-only restroom and changing areas. But some Pennsylvania lawmakers are aggressively pursuing a one-size-fits-all privacy-eliminating policy upon every business, school and church.

The Pennsylvania General Assembly is considering a new law that poses as one of the greatest threats to privacy rights and religious freedom.

  • Will your Christian school be forced to hire teachers that don’t follow the Bible’s teaching on human sexuality?
  • Must your church host same-sex weddings?
  • Will you be compelled to choose between violating your faith and shutting down your business?
  • Are there resources to help and proactive measures to take in order to protect our freedom?
  • How can we have a God glorifying attitude in the way we respond to this threat and in the way we engage our culture?

A team of experts from the Pennsylvania Family Council, a leading advocate for religious freedom in the capitol, and the Independence Law Center, a pro bono law center defending your freedoms in court, have been holding Freedom in the Balance seminars across Pennsylvania to help navigate the cultural storm. This seminar is coming to York on Saturday, June 25.

Saturday, June 25 – York, PA 

  • Grace Fellowship Church
  • Address: 1405 Seven Valleys Road, York, PA 17408
  • 8:30am – 10:30am
  • No cost to attend. Registration required.

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