We want to see pastors and churches engaging legislators by showing the love of Christ through prayer and care, building relationships, and working together with lawmakers to make our world better. That’s what the Church Ambassador Network is all about. Our mission is to build relationships between the shepherd of the church and those serving in civil government as instituted by God.

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If you are a pastor or church leader and interested in joining the Church Ambassador Network, contact Kurt Weaver at kweaver@pafamily.org

The Church Ambassador Network has a five-fold action plan:

1) Capitol Clergy Prayer Team

The Pennsylvania Capitol Prayer Team is a chance to make a difference by bringing pastoral prayer and care to the halls and offices of the Capitol Building on a regular basis.


2) Timothy 2 Project

Relationship building is needed both at the Capitol and at home. The Timothy 2 Project is to help further relationships between churches and their legislators by creating opportunities to pray for the legislator and their staff in their own districts.

3) Pastors Briefing

The Pastors Briefing series is a combination of web and in-person training using ministry experts to equip pastors and church leaders to meet community needs.

4) Honoring God Project

The Honoring God Project is part of our unique approach to elections. Our goal with this is to help pastors and churches equip their congregation to view government through the lens of Scripture, rather than through the lens of partisan politics. Visit www.pafamily.org/honoringGod.

5) Adopt-a-Legislator

We desire the local church to reach out and befriend their local legislator as an encouragement to their service to the community. The Adopt-a-Legislator initiative is an effort to generate tangible ways to encourage every legislator.

The Church Ambassador Network is an initiative of the Pennsylvania Family Institute.