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Fox News – Randall Wenger: We need to give robust protection to religious Americans

Randall Wenger, chief counsel for the Independence Law Center representing a Christian postal worker who was denied Sundays off to observe the Sabbath, explains the case on ‘The Story.’

World Magazine: A most basic accommodation

Op-Ed by Randall Wenger: Americans shouldn’t have to choose between keeping the Sabbath and keeping their jobs

While Groff could not deliver packages on the Lord’s Day, he could—and did—help those who could. He worked every Saturday, every holiday, every overtime shift he could so others could take ​off​. Most Americans are happy to step in and help others out when they need it.

Sadly, the Postal Service was not so helpful. By constantly refusing to accommodate Groff’s religious beliefs, forcing him​ instead​ to undergo multiple rounds of discipline, the Postal Service tried to make an example out of him. Stripped of seniority and out of options, it was quit or be fired.

Many Americans have no problem working on Sundays. But, to force Groff to work on the Lord’s Day would force him to violate his conscience. Surely, a nation dedicated to liberty can protect those ​at large employers like the Post Office ​​when their ​conscience requires them to stay home on their Sabbath.

First Liberty Live: Reaction from team of attorneys for Faithful Carrier Gerald Groff

Live at the Supreme Court

Jeremy Samek (Independence Law Center) with Stuart Shepard (First Liberty Institute) were live outside of the Supreme Court before the oral arguments. Listen here to Jeremy’s comments, as well as the full uncut oral arguments.

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