What an encouraging evening spent with so many friends and supporters of PA Family Institute at the sold-out Friends of the Family banquet in Hershey. We are so thankful to have families from all over Pennsylvania partnering with us to advance pro-life, pro-family, pro-religious freedom causes in our state.

One of the big highlights from this wonderful evening was having Kayleigh McEnany, the former White House Press Secretary, as our keynote speaker. Here are some quotes from her inspiring address:

“I’m a research-oriented person. But I can tell you while that does matter, it truly doesn’t in the big scheme of a briefing. What matters to me was not the work put in – of course it’s important. What mattered to me was being in the right position from a faith standpoint.”

“Above politics is Jesus Christ. He is always at the helm.”

“…I learned the truth of Jesus Christ and that, far and away – above all, is something we need to be bold in proclaiming. I’m so inspired by the Pennsylvania Family Institute, and the way they have done so, in standing for life unapologetically, Christianity, religious freedom. We need organizations like this doing this kind of good work. I see it all across the country and I’m so impressed and inspired to see it happening here. It’s important work…”

Biggest piece of advice: Fight fire with water, not fire with fire. “If you show compassion and grace and calmness amid fire you will often carry the day in the eyes of the room because people see Christ in you.”

Additionally, we were grateful for the opportunity to highlight much of the work your partnership with PA Family Institute makes possible. 

“Our team’s heart, with a staff of 14 now – like all of you, our team’s heart is for the individual created in the image and likeness of God. We can talk stats about abortion. We think about the babies and the moms and what’s happening in our society – the hurting child and the perplexed parent. So while you know us for tackling the big issues like stopping abortion, which we’re working on, your partnership is also making a difference one life at a time.” – Michael Geer, PA Family’s President & CEO

“Thanks to your support, we were able to help four women who were facing intense coercion to abort their baby this year. And each one of these babies are safe and alive today.” – Jeremy Samek, PA Family’s Senior Counsel

“Our children are in the crosshairs. So many of them feel powerless. They want to know if anybody is going to step up and help. And together, because of you, we are.” – Randall Wenger, PA Family’s Chief Counsel

“We took pastors and met with legislators all over Pennsylvania, praying for them and caring for them. Because we know that being in the legislative branch is a difficult task. We want them to know that believers care about them and are praying for them and wanting to see them make good, wise and righteous decisions.” – Kurt Weaver, Director of the Church Ambassador Network, an initiative of the PA Family Institute

“People who don’t know the Lord might despair. But as God’s people we know that in this season we are called to draw closer to our God, because He is the source of our strength and our encouragement. And He gives us the strength to stand with courage and to never conform to the culture. And so I encourage you to continue to stand. To continue to make our voices heard. Because it is through God’s grace and His mercy that we are able to stand.” Superior Court Judge Cheryl Allen, retired – Of Counsel, PA Family Institute

We cannot thank you enough for your continued partnership with the Pennsylvania Family Institute. “You are the reason we are here, day-in and day-out, serving as your voice for the family and the values you hold dear.” – Michael Geer