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Will the University of Pittsburgh be held accountable?

This was one of many questions discussed at yesterday’s #PittExposed roundtable discussion to address the horrific experimentations using parts of aborted babies at the University of Pittsburgh.

David Daleiden from the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) sat on the panel and drew attention to grisly details from research papers stemming from the “humanized rat model” experiments at Pitt. Daleiden pointed out that Pitt’s experiments in grafting the scalps of babies onto rats must have used the heads from partial-birth abortions, because other second or third trimester abortion methods would crush the skulls to the point of inefficacy for the experiment.

Pitt has long worked towards being a national hub and “pipeline” for these inhumane and unethical experiments using aborted baby parts. What makes matters worse is these grotesque experiments were funded by taxpayer dollars. 

Joining Daleiden on this panel was Joseph Meaney, PhD., from the National Catholic Bioethics Center, Cecily Routman, founder of the Jewish Pro-Life Foundation, Retired Judge Cheryl Allen, senior counsel to the Pennsylvania Family Institute, and PA State Rep. Tim Bonner (R-Mercer/Butler). Former Congressman Keith Rothfus served as the panel moderator.

Judge Allen spoke towards the racial quotas set in these inhumane and taxpayer funded experiments, along with their ties to Planned Parenthood and their racist founder Margaret Sanger. “How can the University of Pittsburgh justify working with Planned Parenthood and the entire abortion industry at any level? …They owe their very existence to racism and Margaret Sanger,” shared Judge Allen.

Rep. Bonner gave a global perspective on the legal history of the protection and recognition of the unborn child in the womb. Prior to Roe v. Wade, the law actually historically recognized the fetus as a person legally. He also noted that when the Pennsylvania legislature gave the University of Pittsburgh an opportunity to respond to the allegations and information that David Daleiden uncovered, Pitt sent an employee who had only been with the university for six month and had no knowledge of the fetal research taking place. What he did know, however, was that Pitt had moved one of its highly controversial experiments – involving babies born alive only to be harvested for their livers – to Italy in order to avoid the scrutiny of Pennsylvania law.

On Monday, in advance of the panel discussion, many gathered to rally and pray outside of the UPMC Magee-Women’s Hospital where more abortions happen than any other hospital in Pennsylvania every year. The hospital is also connected to the grisly fetal experimentations that have been performed at the University of Pittsburgh.

The people of Pennsylvania and all American taxpayers deserve answers. The revelation of Pitt’s mission to optimize organ harvesting from aborted fetuses on taxpayer dime raised the concerns of Americans from all walks of life: everyday citizens, lawmakers, faith leaders, doctors, research scientists, reporters, and more. To obtain transparency from Pitt and prevent this horrific research from happening in the future, we must continue to push for full accountability legally, educating the public on what transpired, and praying for an end to abortion and a restored respect for the dignity of the unborn child.

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Sherry F

I’m thankful for all the people there who are for Life and want to stand up against this evil !
I believe the number one way to stop this infanticide is prayer! And I Vote pro life and attend and support pro-life groups in whatever way that I am able.
Just a few things to point out: the transcription of this
panel today was terrible! Not sure who or what company was hired but I think it’s very important to get the words right and hopefully you can chose a company Or have the current company redo the transcription. Since this is an extremely important subject, I believe strongly about this.
Also One of the speakers said there is no cure for AIDS or cancer which is not true. Do more research Through the natural healing community.
One important point that I didn’t hear strongly enough is WHY are these people practicing murder and it’s
considered legal in our country? Is it because of money, power, de-population, globalism?
Praying that atrocity of Killing babies at any age from conception on will not just be illegal but immoral in our minds throughout the US & the world!
Looking forward to more panel discussions in the future!

Kathy Laslow

Everyone who attended, viewed online, or read about the unethical research revealed during the panel discussion is also accountable in speaking against it. Each one of us as citizens have the power to use our voice to contact our state representative and other elected officials and demand an end to this unethical research. David recommended demanding an investigation be done by the PA Health Department too. We must be active in doing our part, whether it’s sending an email, calling, or visiting in person our state representative and other elected officials. We fail if we do nothing.

Frank Zettl

I would especially like to thank all of the wonderful panelists, and the moderator for their time and their efforts in speaking the truth about the terrible research being conducted at Pitt. I would also like to thank them for all of their pro-life work. Special thanks to David for his investigations and for coming all the way from California for this discussion. I thank all of the people that made this event possible, and those that came to listen with sincere hearts. We are all in this pro-life battle together. Eventually we will succeed for God is on our side.


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