What a testament to the sanctity of life that THOUSANDS of Pennsylvanians from across the state arrived in Harrisburg for the first-ever Pennsylvania March for Life!

The event’s keynote speaker, Abby Johnson, was a former clinic director for Planned Parenthood until she witnessed the abortion of a 13-week old child via ultrasound. Abby Johnson walked out of the clinic and never looked back.

Johnson rallied the people of Pennsylvania with the truth:

“If we keep working, if we keep making sacrifices, not only will we see a time where abortion is illegal in this country but friends, we will see a time where abortion is unthinkable.”

She’s right.

The pro-life advocates who rallied at the Capitol this past Monday agree that with more education and outreach, the citizens of not only Pennsylvania, but also the country at large, will wake up to the horrific realities of abortion.

Abortion enslaves women to the lie that abortion – killing the child that made them a mother – is necessary for their success – in their career, education, relationships, and more. Both men and women are exploited by the abortion lobby which tells them their dreams have no chance if they have a child, obscuring the truth that for most people, once they bring their child into this world, their child becomes the dream. How many stories have we heard where a mother – who at first considered abortion – went through with the pregnancy and testified that her child saved her life?

Abortion also enslaves society to lies. The abortion industry sells the lie that the unborn child is a merely discardable clump of cells. Every freedom fighter that marched on Harrisburg last Monday rebutted that lie just by showing up. There were so many more who could not physically be present at the March for Life but still rallied with us in spirit.

Abby Johnson hit the nail on the head when she said that ending abortion is going to require work and sacrifice, but the work and sacrifice will make the victory that much sweeter.

After the first-ever Pennsylvania March for Life, pro-abortion groups were quick to try and minimize the incredible turnout and disparage the pro-life effort with misrepresentations. This included Governor Tom Wolf, who claimed it was “just an anti-woman rally by a different name” despite the majority of the marchers being women.

The truth is that from the moment of conception, life begins and is worth protecting. Within a matter of days from conception, the child’s heart begins to beat. The pro-life movement is one of love: love for the unborn child and love for the family. Pregnancy resource centers are just one facet of this as they support mothers and fathers so that they are able to experience the joys of parenthood; while the priority of abortion clinics is to profit from abortions.

The pro-life movement is gaining momentum across the nation, and it’s on fire here in Pennsylvania.