Amidst the wave of new protections for unborn life, Governor Wolf took to social media this week to brag about all of the pro-life legislation in Pennsylvania that he’s blocked. 

Understand what he is bragging about:

– His veto of SB 3 (2017) kept late-term abortions legal between 20-24 weeks and continues the use of dismembering babies limb by limb as a legal abortion procedure.

– His veto of HB 321 (2019) kept medical professionals free from recourse in coercing women into an abortion upon a prenatal diagnosis of possible Down syndrome. Wolf approves of aborting babies just because they have Down syndrome (despite law already banning sex-selective abortions).

– It appears he’s erroneously mislabeled his 2020 veto. There was no 2020 veto of HB 2315, b/c that was a bill about fish that was never even voted on. Wolf did veto SB 857, which dangerously kept chemical abortions through telemedicine, bypassing an ultrasound which puts women at risk. A lack of an ultrasound fails to identify an ectopic pregnancy, when time to act is of the essence, as well as fails to confirm if a baby is too far along in pregnancy for a chemical abortion.

Governor Wolf brags about his support of late-term abortion; ripping babies apart limb by limb; aborting babies that have Down syndrome; and putting women with ectopic pregnancies at more risk.

That’s extreme. That’s not something to brag about. And that’s out of touch with the majority of Pennsylvanians.

Learn more from our Director of Communications, Dan Bartkowiak, on The Chris Stigall Program with guest host Christine Flowers (Philadelphia’s Morning Answer). Listen below (starts at 1 hour 25 minute mark).