Penn State All-American linebacker Micah Parsons believes God has big plans for his life. He recently shared with that his mom almost had an abortion when she got pregnant with him. She had two kids, was struggling to pay the bills, and his father was in and out of the house. She didn’t tell anyone else, but was planning on going to the abortion clinic.

Here’s the story as told to Pennlive:

One day the phone rang, Sherese [Micah’s mom] said, and on the other end was Sister Hall from the church. When Sherese told her that she was “doing fine,” Hall said she was hiding something and eventually surfaced the truth.

“She talked my mom out of it,” Micah said. “I think that is why (my mom) was always like, ‘God looks over you, son, and you should continue to keep doing good things in your life and give back to God.’ That was one of the first lessons she taught me.”

And now, he’s about to become a first-round NFL draft pick in Cleveland on April 29th.

What a beautiful pro-life story.