25 Minutes Well Spent: “Christians, Conscience, and Voting”

Oct 30, 2020 | 0 comments

From the Desk of Michael Geer, President

Ever call, email or write a letter to an elected official asking them to support a pro-life bill… or oppose one that would expand abortion? You probably have. Me too.

The truth is that the success or failure of that call or letter in large part depends on who that elected official is. Are they pro-life (or at least open to considering the issue)? If not, sadly, the result is almost always a foregone conclusion. And babies die.

Those who hold elected office are granted – by we the people – tremendous authority to enact policies on our behalf to promote good and punish evil, or, if it is their inclination, do the opposite.

That’s why elections matter so much, and why your vote carries such importance.

It’s also why we expend so much time and effort, with your support and partnership, to produce Voter Guides and promote voter registration and citizen involvement in communities across our state. And it’s why we engage even more directly in specific, very tight races, with endorsements and targeted mailings on behalf of pro-life, pro-family legislative candidates. Life and liberty hang in the balance.

Every single seat up for election on your ballot matters greatly this year, from the State House to the White House. Please, please, make sure to vote! The ramifications are enormous.

Of course, where candidates stand on policy issues is of critical concern, but not the only consideration. Can they be trusted to do what they promise? What of character, competence and track record? What about the political party they represent, and its agenda? What type of people do they surround themselves with, from staff, appointments, and in the case of the presidential candidates, their choice for Vice President? All these things weigh into decisions we make at election time, and sometimes it is hard to gain full clarity.

Indeed, there has been a lot written lately about the presidential race that has introduced fog and confusion for many Christian pro-life, pro-family voters. That’s troubling, because there is so much at stake, including millions of unborn human lives and the future of religious freedom.

But one resource I want to pass on to you that I believe brings clear focus to the issues and the choices before us is a recent article and podcast by Dr. Albert Mohler. I encourage you to listen and/or read it, and share it with others.

Audio: The Briefing Podcast
Article: Christians, Conscience and the Looming 2020 Election

Of course, reasonable people and dear friends all may view this differently, and voting is a matter of conscience.

Wherever you land in all of this, please keep our state and nation in your prayers at this precarious time in our history – because no matter what happens, our hope rests in the Lord.


Michael Geer
Pennsylvania Family Council

P.S. If you have not already, please make use of and share our online Voter Guide at PaFamilyVoter.com. Thank you for being an informed voter and helping others to be as well.