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Latest webinar: SCOTUS Church Ruling, and how Governors’ Orders Impact Churches and Ministries

Next webinar: Wednesday, August 5th @ 7pm – Educational Options for Parents: Learn more about Christian schools and homeschooling. Free to attend – Click here to RSVP.


Andy Hixon

Please clarify what changed your mind on the indoor mask requirement at the end? This is a huge deal for churches trying to comply if you feel we are exempt if maintaining 6 feet. I don’t see that from reading mandate.

Emily Kreps

The Order states that masks are required indoors. However, the guidance from the Dept. of Health seems to say only if social distancing cannot be maintained.

Do I have to wear a mask at a house of worship such as a church, synagogue or mosque? Yes, individuals must wear a face covering in any public place as well as outdoors when they are in a place where people are congregating and they cannot remain 6 feet apart from persons who are not a part of their household.  Individuals should consider carrying a face covering in case they unexpectantly come in close contact with others.  


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