State officials must order Planned Parenthood to stop elective abortions if we’re serious about stopping the spread of COVID-19

The Pennsylvania Family Institute calls on Governor Tom Wolf, the Pennsylvania Department of Health and other elected officials to take action to halt Planned Parenthood from continuing to perform elective abortions in our state even as Planned Parenthood chooses to stop all other services during a time when our state and nation are facing shortages of critical health equipment and ordering people to stay at home to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

“This is unacceptable,” says Michael Geer, President of the Pennsylvania Family Institute. “Planned Parenthood is now 100% abortion – willing to put further strain on our health system and risk increasing the spread of this virus so they can still profit from their main service revenue stream of elective abortions.”

Planned Parenthood Keystone, one of three regions in Pennsylvania for the state’s largest abortion provider, recently announced that their abortion-performing facilities will remain open “for abortion services only.” Another region in the state, Planned Parenthood Southeastern PA, announced they have temporarily closed their centers but this “does NOT include their abortion services.” 

“For truth in advertising, Planned Parenthood should just change their slogan to ‘Abortion. No Matter What.’” adds Geer.

“Planned Parenthood has the nerve right now to ask for donations of masks, surgical hats and hand sanitizer – scarce resources needed by Pennsylvania hospitals treating patients with COVID-19 – so that they can be used to perform elective abortions,” says Emily Kreps, Legal Assistant for the Pennsylvania Family Institute. “Our state officials need to lead by example. If we’re serious about stopping the spread of the coronavirus, then stop all elective abortions by Planned Parenthood or any other abortion clinic.”

Planned Parenthood remains open for elective abortions despite other surgical centers and facilities that perform important services like mammograms closing. Planned Parenthood is electing to risk further strain on hospitals by the likelihood of sending more women to the emergency room with complications from abortion. And they are choosing to use resources that are in critical supply for fighting COVID-19 – gowns, gloves, masks, suction tubing – and spend them on performing elective abortions.

Planned Parenthood performs both chemical and surgical abortions at 11 abortion clinics throughout Pennsylvania. Every year, Planned Parenthood profits from performing 15,000 abortions in Pennsylvania, half of all abortions in the Commonwealth. 

Take Action: Call your State Senator and State Representative to let them know you think this is unacceptable. For their contact information, click here.