PA House Vote Shows Respect to Loss of Life Early in Pregnancy

Nov 19, 2019 | 0 comments

Pennsylvania Family Institute thanks the 123 State Representatives for their bipartisan affirmative vote on House Bill 1890, known as the Fetal Remains Bill, that offers a compassionate way of showing respect to human life lost early in pregnancy.

“Human beings that are lost to an early miscarriage or abortion are still human beings and should be treated with dignity and respect,” states Tom Shaheen, Vice President for Policy at the Pennsylvania Family Institute. “Health care facilities currently treat a baby that has died from an early miscarriage or abortion as ‘medical waste.’ That must change.”

House Bill 1890 would show respect to human life by providing for the proper disposition of a baby that is miscarried or aborted in any health care facility. The lead sponsor of HB 1890, Rep. Frank Ryan (R-Lebanon), introduced the bill because of the loss of his own unborn child. He wants all unborn children to be given the respect and dignity of proper care (even in death), rather than discarded with bodily fluids, organs, tissue, and other medical waste.

House Bill 1890 now moves to the Senate for consideration. Pennsylvania Family Institute applauds State Representative Ryan for his leadership on this legislation and urges the State Senate to pass it as soon as possible.

Please contact your State Senator and ask for their support of HB1890. To email your Senator, visit