Going “Full-on Colorado” with Marijuana is Wrong for Pittsburgh; Wrong for Pennsylvania

May 8, 2019 | 1 comment

If our leaders truly listen and learn from Colorado’s “Full-On” commercialization of marijuana — they’ll just say no.

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In response to Lt. Gov. John Fetterman’s scheduled stops in Pittsburgh this weekend on his “Marijuana Listening Tour,” Pennsylvania Family Council is calling for a full examination of the facts and experience of Colorado — the place Fetterman extols as the model for Pennsylvania when it comes to cannabis.

“It’s time he listened to the damage being inflicted on teens and children in the Centennial State as a result of ubiquitous pot,” said Michael Geer, President of Pennsylvania Family Council. “It’s time he listened to the experts on the growing evidence of the dangerous mental health impact of weed. And if he and other political leaders won’t — then we citizens must learn those lessons — before it’s too late.”

As a start, Pennsylvania Family Council has released a new video that quickly highlights these and many other rampant problems in Colorado that arrived with the commercialization of marijuana there.

Former Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy has said, “the commercialization of marijuana is a policy that results in devastating consequences for families, public health, and public safety.” Yet Lt. Governor Fetterman is proud to coin his phrase, “Let’s go full-on Colorado in Pennsylvania” with the legalization of recreational marijuana.

“Welcoming Big Tobacco, Pharma and Wall Street investors to prey upon Pennsylvania families with the legalization and commercialization of marijuana is absolutely not in our best interest – not for Pittsburgh, not for Pennsylvania, and definitely not for our families and children,” added Geer.

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