Is this untruth on Planned Parenthood & prenatal care the most pervasive in Pennsylvania? Perhaps. The more important question: Why are they still receiving your taxdollars?

By: Dan Bartkowiak

Pro-abortion activists supporting the largest abortion provider continue to spread flat-out lies.

Planned Parenthood has been booted from their location in Wilkes-Barre after they informed the property owners about their interest in performing abortion services. A small gathering of abortion supporters gathered at the public square and the organizer, Kara Dooner, was quoted in the Citizen Voice about the services they offer – including prenatal, something they do not offer.

Planned Parenthood had falsely advertised prenatal services until Pennsylvania Family Institute called each facility to confirm that not one facility offered such services. It was only when PFI called them out publicly that they removed the service from their website.

Sabrina Hannon of the NEPA National Organization for Women Chapter continued the prenatal lie at this recent gathering by going as far to say that if Planned Parenthood is not able to open a location in Wilkes-Barre that “women will not get the prenatal care they need earlier in their pregnancies.”

Prenatal care is nonexistent at Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania. Yet pro-abortion activists continue to claim such services are provided – a lie repeated even by Governor Wolf and other elected officials.

If you still don’t believe it, just call. I just called Planned Parenthood Wilkes-Barre. I was put into the region’s call center (Planned Parenthood Keystone). Wait time was over 20 minutes so I requested a call back.

I had a woman call me back and I simply asked her, “Do you offer prenatal services?” The woman replied, “No, sorry, we do not offer prenatal services. You need to contact an OB/GYN.” So I then asked, “Would you know of any OB/GYNs in the area?” She then told me, “No, I’m not even from Pennsylvania so I would not know of any to refer you to.” End of conversation.

Not only does Planned Parenthood not have prenatal services but they would not even refer me to anyone who does. I wonder if I would have asked about abortion services, if she would have been more eager to help me.

Now, what about their other services? Dooner, in her list of services from Planned Parenthood, fails to mention how other than abortion, their services are in decline. Planned Parenthood has seen a drop in overall services statewide, from STD testings (down 52,000), cervical cancer screenings (down 3,000), to breast exams (down 7,000). Annually, they’ve seen a drop in patients by 24,000.

The news article also fails to mention any of the Federally Qualified Health Centers in the area – which do not perform abortions – offering comprehensive women’s health care, like the Rural Health Corporation of Northeastern Pennsylvania with an office in Wilkes-Barre.

Abortion is not ‘miniscule’ for Planned Parenthood

Hannon unashamedly claims abortion is just a “miniscule fraction” of their services. Half of all abortions in Pennsylvania are performed by Planned Parenthood, over 15,000 every year. Estimates show Planned Parenthood brings in over $7 million on abortion services in PA alone.

And based on recent actions, abortion is the foundation to their business model. With their declining services in recent years, Planned Parenthood decided to close twelve of their Pennsylvania locations; all but one not bringing in direct revenue from medical or surgical abortions. The only on-site abortion center to recently close for Planned Parenthood, their Easton location, was performing the fewest number of abortions for them in the state.

Planned Parenthood’s Lack of Transparency

Planned Parenthood Keystone, the regional affiliate of the Wilkes-Barre location, has failed to post its recent annual reports, the latest one being from the 2014-2015 reporting year.

Why is their annual report not published? Is this because they don’t want to show their declining services? Or the fact that every taxpayer continues to send them millions of dollars every year?

Right now, any pregnant teen in Pennsylvania who calls Planned Parenthood wanting help in continuing their pregnancy will receive nothing – not even a referral. But if she wants an abortion, they know exactly who can do it (and accept cash, major credit cards or money orders).

That’s not what our taxdollars should be paying for.

Dan Bartkowiak is Director of Communications for Pennsylvania Family Institute.