The Extraordinary Give: Friday, November 16
Lancaster County’s Largest Day of Giving

Pennsylvania Family Institute operates a free legal services center – the Independence Law Center – where a few expert attorneys are doing extraordinary things to help people throughout the Commonwealth.

What you may not know is just this year we have provided over $700,000 worth of legal services free of charge to people who otherwise couldn’t afford it.

These pro-bono services save lives and protect core freedoms. Here are just a few examples:

You’re empowering high school students from having their faith and privacy suppressed by school officials.

You’re saving girls from being coerced into having an abortion.

You’re helping families live consistent with their faith and convictions against undue government burdens.

You make this possible. Along with individuals and families across Pennsylvania, and by God’s grace, your support makes it possible for lives to be saved and freedoms to be protected.

Your quality of life depends on your ability to maintain your freedoms. Your partnership with the Pennsylvania Family Institute and the Independence Law Center is helping families and is building a better environment for your freedoms to flourish.

Randall Wenger, Chief Counsel of the Independence Law Center

Friday, November 16th is The Extraordinary Give – a one-day online giving experience, the largest day of giving in Lancaster County. While we do continue to help families in Lancaster, we also continue our work throughout Pennsylvania. You do not have to be a resident of Lancaster County to partner with us for Extraordinary Give. And every gift given on Friday, November 16th through The Extraordinary Give is boosted!

Thank you for considering these three ways you can partner with us:

1. Make a tax-deductible donation on Friday, November 16: Thank you for considering us for The Extraordinary Give, where your donation will be part of a stretch pool that increases the amount invested in our work. Donations must be made through our profile page online on Friday, November 16.

2. Share and share alike. The success of this online day of giving will be made possible because of you and our network of families. Help us grow our network by sending an email or sharing this post to your network and ask your friends to do the same.

3. Become a fundraiser for our work. You can directly raise awareness and create new partnerships for Pennsylvania Family Institute through ExtraGive. Click the Fundraise button on our ExtraGive page to get started.


Thank you for considering PA Family Institute and our Independence Law Center for your Extra Give and making this life-saving, freedom-protecting work possible.

“Embedded in the larger story of redemption is a principle we must not miss: God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things in the lives of others.” (Paul David Tripp)