Owners Of Historic Farm Wage Battle With Sewickley Heights Officials Over Bible Study Events

July 27, 2018 | 1 comment | Posted in Religious Freedom | Tags: ,

“When can you hold a Bible study, a religious gathering or a worship service on your own property? If you’re thinking the answer is any time I want because my religious rights are protected by the First Amendment, well, you might want to live outside of Sewickley Heights Borough. A couple from that borough has gone to federal court over this issue.” – John Delano (KDKA)

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That our “government” can limit such activities on a person’s personal property is beyond words. This is outright discrimination against all religious rights. We have let them say no to Prayer in Schools. We have let them say no to Bible readings and the 10 commandments in Schools and now we cannot worship on our own personal property and homes? What is wrong with the borough and the people leading this group? How can a righteous court system even allow this type of discrimination to exist? This is pure evil running amuck and I pray that GOD will be merciful.


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