VIDEO: “Blessed” – An Adoption Story: Maria Pearl

Dec 1, 2017 | 3 comments

 “The root of adoption is an awareness that a child is in need of one of the most important elements in life: a mom and a dad.

Jeremy and Sarah Samek live outside of Pittsburgh and recently adopted a beautiful little girl. She has Down syndrome – “blessed with an extra chromosome and with an extra amount of love to pour into the world,” says Jeremy Samek (Senior Counsel for Pennsylvania Family Institute).

At the beginning of their adoption journey, Jeremy expressed interest in adopting a child with Down syndrome. “The prospect of inviting someone new with extra difficulties into my life seemed daunting,” comments Sarah. “However, life without a mom and dad is daunting. Growing up in an orphanage with a disability is daunting. And if not us, then who?”

After a fourteen month process and two overseas trips, the Samek family brought Maria Pearl home. Here’s their journey:


“People with Down syndrome have been blessed with an extra chromosome. And they also have been blessed with an extra amount of love to pour into the world. Whether it’s my value, your value, or Maria’s value, our value doesn’t come from what we can or cannot do. It’s purely based on the fact that we’re all equally made in the image of the living God.

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