June 27 – Defend My Privacy Rally – Harrisburg Capitol

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You might think it crazy that Pennsylvania would ever pass a law that permits men into women-only bathrooms and showers, but know this:

  • There are still over 20 State Senators and over 80 State Representatives that directly support proposed legislation that would force all businesses, schools and churches to open women’s-only bathrooms and showers to men
  • Some of these state lawmakers – both Democrat and Republican – are actively making false claims that this proposed legislation (HB1510 & SB974) would not impact bathrooms and privacy rights.

It is because of these alarming facts that we need you to join the Defend My Privacy Coalition in Harrisburg, Monday, June 27 for the Defend My Privacy Rally.


Defend My Privacy Rally 6.27.16

Defend My Privacy Rally

Where: Rotunda, PA State Capitol

When: 12:30pm – 1:30pm, Monday, June 27


It is concerning that businesses like Target and Hersheypark would allow men to use women-only restrooms and changing areas. But it is completely out of line for our state government to aggressively pursue a one-size-fits-all privacy-eliminating policy upon every business, school and church. HB1510 & SB974 – Governor Wolf’s Bathroom Bills – must be stopped.

We need you to do the following:

1) Attend the Rally.

We really need you there. We guarantee that if some elected officials see a flood of people at the Capitol all in opposition to this legislation, it will change opinions on this issue.  No tickets needed and no cost to attend – you can let us know you’re coming so we can keep you posted on all the details: just click here to RSVP or sign-up on Facebook.

2) Invite as many of your friends and family as possible.

You can click here to email information.  If you want to protect everyone’s privacy and safety by guarding women and children against those who would abuse this proposed law, now’s the time.

3) Consider financially supporting the rally.

Help us by sponsoring a bus or providing ways for getting folks to the rally. Your investment will be used directly to ensure more people will be in attendance. Click here to make a donation.


We have had thousands of Pennsylvanians take action online (tinyurl.com/defendmyprivacy). Now let’s make a statement at the Capitol on Monday, June 27. BE THERE!


Jane Ann Green

I’ll be there at Rally on June 27. Bring everyone you can! This whole thing is pathetic.
No common Sense at all. who wants this toilet mess. That is what it is, a MESS. What Could happen when people start to hide in toilet stall and take pictures of others in the next stall, perverts are everywhere these days, why not?

Megan Wright

I personally believe those who are biologically men should use men only bathrooms.
I personally believe those who are biologically women should use women only bathrooms.
But, if this absolutely can’t be accomplished, then the right thing to do for all
involved is to create a third type of bathroom in all facilities for all those who refuse
to go into the appropriate bathroom for their biological gender.
Label this third type of bathroom, “Others”, and be done with it!
That way, men can still go into the Men’s bathroom for privacy.
Women can still go into the Women’s bathroom for privacy.
And everyone else can go into the “Other’s” bathroom for their privacy.
Now everyone can be happy! Problem solved!


I can’t even believe this is up for discussion. This world lacks COMMON SENSE and good Moral Judgment more and more each day…it is absolutely a disgrace. Our representatives need to stand up and be REAL MEN !!! Do the RIGHT thing here and protect the majority and NOT the minority… Build them their own bathrooms if this is such an issue… Just makes me sick to think we have elected such people that would actually consider this a good idea ~ UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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