RIGHT NOW – Massive Gambling Expansion Vote on the House Floor

Jun 22, 2016 | 0 comments

Pennsylvania has seen a significant increase in gambling addiction since casinos were legalized in 2004, increasing property crimes, hurting children and families and devastating the poor with the false promises of get-rich-quick schemes.

Now, in response to lobbying pressure, and to raise more taxpayer money, lawmakers are looking to push legalized gambling into every corner of our state, including on your home computers, smart phones, airports, and corner bars, taverns and private clubs.  Estimates are we could see as many as 40,000 gambling machines spread in communities all across the state.

In addition, the introduction of online gambling would bring it to any household across Pennsylvania, providing an easy gateway to expose children and minors to the harms of gambling itself. Online gambling is a “bust” (Associated Press) and the revenue estimates are “pathetic” (Time Magazine). Expanding gambling would only add problems here in Pennsylvania.

This huge expansion of gambling is being put up for a vote today in the PA State House of Representatives.

Call and tell your State Representative to oppose the expansion of government-sponsored gambling currently being considered in Pennsylvania’s budget negotiations. You can send an email to both your Representative and Senator here as well.

Bad bet for PA