NC Governor on Bathroom Policy: “If you have the anatomy of a man, you shouldn’t use the women’s restroom.”

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Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf says North Carolina is “wrong” and, therefore, wants men to be able to access women’s restrooms and showers. What’s worse, Governor Wolf has made it his #1 non-budget priority to pass proposed Bathroom Bills – HB 1510 & SB 974 – here in Pennsylvania.

Contact your State Senator and State Representative to defend your privacy and keep Pennsylvania safe. For more, visit

Governor Pat McCrory


Mary Spolnik

Thank you for expressing good common sense. Very refreshing for a change.. If liberals don’t like America, I am sure they are free to leave.

Carol DSirwell

Lack of common sense means someone is senseless and this leads to stupidity. If your body has a girl anatomy you use girl facilities. If it has a male anatomy you use boy facilities. This is common sense and is equal for everyone. Give us all equal privacy…. Please! Carol D.


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