7.3 million reasons why Planned Parenthood pushes abortion over adoption

Sep 30, 2015 | 1 comment

Question: How much money does Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania make on adoption?

Nothing. There are no Planned Parenthood social workers devoted to helping mothers find adoptive homes. No Planned Parenthood offices running adoption services. Their staff may be able to point adoption-minded mothers to someone who can help, but even this is in doubt.

Adoption is an afterthought for Planned Parenthood; especially considering that in their 2013 Pennsylvania year-end reports there was not a single mention of any adoption referrals. They did, however, mention abortion 17 times.

Question: How much money does Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania make on abortion?

Abortion is Personal logoIn 2013, PA affiliates of Planned Parenthood are estimated to have made at least $7.3 million on abortion alone. (See the 2015 report on the state of abortion in Pennsylvania for this calculation.)

At least $7.3 million from their reported 17,469 abortions in 2013. That means Planned Parenthood’s PA facilities made an average of $420 per abortion.

Nationally, in 2013, Planned Parenthood reports to have carried out 327,653 abortions. They also claim to have made only 1,880 adoption referrals. That puts the ratio of abortion-to-adoption at 174:1.

As Tom Cruise from Jerry Maguire says, “Show me the money!!!” Planned Parenthood is fixated on abortion – the one choice that brings in the most money. They may claim to be about women’s health but their actions show us: it’s all about the money.