On Tuesday, September 29, abortion enthusiasts are attempting to rally online in support of their agenda (using #PinkOut and also the incredibly insensitive #ShoutYourAbortion).

The following “tweets” could be made by Planned Parenthood but our guess is you won’t see these truths used:

Here at Planned Parenthood, we make a lot of money. #$$$

In 2013, Planned Parenthood boasted $35.8 million in revenue just for Pennsylvania. Nationally, they made over $1.3 billion (yes, with a “b”). Planned Parenthood also spends a lot of money on politics – a record amount was spent in Pennsylvania during the 2014 election.

$1 million PP to Wolf

Sorry, but at Planned Parenthood, we don’t provide any mammograms. #Oops

Even though their national president Cecile Richards, statewide director Sari Stevens – and even Miss America pageant contestants – try to make you believe they offer mammograms, the truth is not a single Planned Parenthood facility offers mammogram services. There are 365 mammogram facilities across Pennsylvania and over 8,000 across America – not a single one being Planned Parenthood.



Map of Mammograms

Planned Parenthood is actually not the only option women have for health care. Try getyourcare.org

In fact, they’re not even the best option since they fail to offer comprehensive women’s health care services. There are 326 better health care alternatives across Pennsylvania and over 13,000 total throughout the United States.

Health Center Map of PA

At Planned Parenthood, we really love abortion. #ShoutYourAbortion #CashCheckorCreditCard

Even though across PA abortion is down since 2008 by over 6,600 abortions annually, Planned Parenthood’s annual abortion rate in PA is up an additional 1,200 abortions. Nationally, from 2007-2013, while abortions in America steadily decreased, Planned Parenthood went from performing 20% of all abortions to 32% – a 60% increase in the market share.


Adoption? Really? Through Planned Parenthood? #LOL

Their 2013 annual report for Pennsylvania had no reference to adoption referrals in Pennsylvania. The report did mention abortion – a total of 17 times. Nationally, when compared to abortion, reported adoption referrals are 0.57% (one referral for every 174 abortions). And even when they decide to address adoption, Planned Parenthood has offered misleading information and refused to give information to pregnant women unless they came in for “counseling” first.

For more information on the state of abortion in Pennsylvania, visit www.AbortionisPersonal.com.