Joe Wagner is one example of why there continues to be an explosion of growth behind the movement in Pennsylvania – and across the country – to stand for life and expose the truth of the largest abortion business: Planned Parenthood.

Wagner, a pastor from Wellsboro, brought his wife and two kids to one of the sixteen #PPSellsBabyParts protests in PA – among the hundreds nationwide – and was quoted in the local newspaper: “This is the very first time we have ever been to a protest and did not even know what to expect, but we felt compelled to come.

What compelled Pastor Wagner, and what has compelled so many to take action in ways they’ve never done before, is watching the many recently released videos that show Planned Parenthood employees discussing the sale of and also harvesting aborted baby parts. And it’s because of these videos that so far five states have defunded Planned Parenthood and thousands are taking action – as evidenced by these protests.

Here’s a recap of the Planned Parenthood protests across the Commonwealth:


Pro-life supporters, both young and old, religious and non-religious, stood side-by-side for the truth that Women Deserve Better than Abortion.  The Pittsburgh protest drew between 150 and 250 protestors.  It was difficult to tell the exact amount because the protest broke into a spontaneous March for Life around the block that contains the Planned Parenthood facility.


Pittsburgh narrow


Jeremy Samek, Senior Counsel for PFI’s Independence Law Center, said the most common sign read “defund Planned Parenthood, fund Community Health Centers.”  Community Health Centers greatly outnumber Planned Parenthoods in every state, provide real comprehensive healthcare, and do not perform abortions.

Jeannie French said they ran out of signs and had “so many people we took up the whole block in front of planned parenthood and across the street.”


A count of 130 – “mix of young and old” – stood outside the Planned Parenthood clinic on 2nd Street. Several directors of pregnancy care centers were in attendance as well as Senator John Eichelberger.

Harrisburg banner


Tom Shaheen, PFI Vice President for Policy, also addressed the crowd: “While you are at work or in school, Planned Parenthood is roaming the halls of the Capitol lobbying for more of your taxdollars.”


Over 100 from the community came out to protest in downtown Lancaster. As reported by Bob Dunn of 40 Days for Life Lancaster, “the facility is no longer open on Saturdays, so our volunteers prayed, sang Amazing Grace, and did community outreach to passing cars along South Lime Street which is a pretty busy state highway that runs through Lancaster.” Dunn also asked a reporter there if he had seen the videos – he had not. “You need to see the videos. They are very powerful,” he replied.

Lancaster Banner


(We noticed some of our signs from our Life Action Day at the Lancaster protest – highlighting the sad fact that over 32,000 abortions happen every year in PA – resulting in one of every five pregnancies. More facts at


There were several protests in Philadelphia. At the Planned Parenthood on Comly Road – the second largest abortion site for PP in PA – several home-made signs were held throughout the morning.

Philly banner


Also the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia led a protest in Center City.


150 took to the streets in Reading to protest Planned Parenthood.

Reading banner


Here the group – including Fr. Frank Pavone – proudly displaying the large #PPSellsBabyParts banner:

Norristown banner


West Chester

“There were 6 pastors (maybe 7) present and we counted about 200 protesters: moms, dads, grandmas & grandpas and lots of children from many churches,” said Mary Ellen Caris. “[Planned Parenthood is] like the McDonald’s for abortion, and we pay for it.”

West Chester banner


“Well over 100” stood at Hwy 30 with signs “Defund Planned Parenthood” and “We do not support businesses that support human organ trafficking.” See the video below from Living Hope Church: “We hope this incident with Planned Parenthood is going to awaken the conscience of the nation.”

Warminster, Allentown, Easton, Wilkes-Barre

In Warminster, another 100+ stood alongside many representatives from local pregnancy care centers – including A Baby’s Breath Crisis Pregnancy Center, Blessed Margaret Home for Crisis Pregnancies – and several pastors.

Also – Allentown and Wilkes-Barre had 100 attendees and Easton gathered 180 in protest of Planned Parenthood.

– # –

The few responses from Planned Parenthood to these protests would like us to think they are attended by outliers – “extremists” – and that they don’t mean anything.

That’s what Sari Stevens would like you to think (Executive Director of the political branch of Planned Parenthood in PA). Not only that but she was caught on camera yelling at a priest who had just walked up to the handful of Planned Parenthood supporters: “We’re going to call the cops if you don’t leave.”

The truth is with the amount of parents pushing strollers and everyday folks showing up to these rallies, along with the continued release of videos exposing their practices and states defunding Planned Parenthood, pro-life America is making progress in changing the state of abortion for the better. Sorry Sari – looks like we’re not leaving anytime soon.

P.S. – Make sure you let your elected officials know where you stand on defunding Planned Parenthood: click here to send them an email.