“I didn’t know a lot about Dr. Berman other than he worked for Planned Parenthood…He had a reputation for going viciously fast…if we didn’t watch him, we would lose our specimens.”

“There are times where they would just take what they wanted and these mothers don’t know and there’s no way they would know.”

“You just went in there, took her blood and you’re going to be taking her fetus without her knowing.”

“At the end of the day I’d have to drive to a FedEx and drop off the specimen. And the sad thing is people would ask what was in the box and I didn’t know what to say. “Oh, there’s dead baby parts in there.””

Do something about it – Right now Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania is receiving our taxpayer dollars. And it’s in the millions – at least $7 million was given in 2013. Make it known to your State Senator and State Representative that as they debate the state budget there is no debate over ending all government payments to Planned Parenthood. Click here to send an email or go totinyurl.com/stoppayingplannedparenthood.

Buying or selling human body parts for profit is a federal felony. For Planned Parenthood, it’s just business as usual. It’s time to stop paying Planned Parenthood.

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