Head of Department That Failed To Stop Gosnell Is Back in Charge

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Pedro Cortes – the man in charge of the State Department that failed to stop Gosnell when presented with multiple opportunities – is now back in charge as Secretary of State after the Senate voted to confirm his appointment by Gov. Tom Wolf.

Remove Cortes 300x300 4 22 15 (1)“It is a slap in the face of Gosnell’s victims and their families to reward the negligence that led to so much suffering….This is not just a local political story; it is an issue of national importance. If Pennsylvania of all states backslides into nonchalance about illegal abortions with the complicity of Republicans, it sends a message across the country that vulnerable women and their unborn children are expendable inconveniences.” – PFI’s Brandon McGinley

On June 2, the Senate voted to confirm Gov. Wolf’s nomination of Cortes by a 31-18 vote. Here’s the breakdown:

Senate Roll Call - Cortes Nomination

For more, read our piece, Kermit Gosnell’s Bureaucratic Enabler Just Got Promoted.

Contact your Senator to voice your opinion on how they voted – click here to send an email.


William J Miller

Sen. Tomlinson, I’m extremely disappointed in your vote to confirm Pedro A. Cortes. His negligence in not looking into the Gosnell abortion violations should have disqualified him from your support.

Pro-Life people and organizations across the state will not forget this vote. Even if you choose not to run again your reputation has been deeply tarnished.

Marcia Brennan

Thank you for voting against a very questionable choice .
I will not forget your stand for honor and truth.


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