Pedro Cortes – the man in charge of the State Department that failed to stop Gosnell when presented with multiple opportunities – is now back in charge as Secretary of State after the Senate voted to confirm his appointment by Gov. Tom Wolf.

Remove Cortes 300x300 4 22 15 (1)“It is a slap in the face of Gosnell’s victims and their families to reward the negligence that led to so much suffering….This is not just a local political story; it is an issue of national importance. If Pennsylvania of all states backslides into nonchalance about illegal abortions with the complicity of Republicans, it sends a message across the country that vulnerable women and their unborn children are expendable inconveniences.” – PFI’s Brandon McGinley

On June 2, the Senate voted to confirm Gov. Wolf’s nomination of Cortes by a 31-18 vote. Here’s the breakdown:

Senate Roll Call - Cortes Nomination

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